Ready 2 Learn Early Education Centre is proud to announce we have been acquired by Young Academics Early Learning Centre. This means providing quality care across greater communities, through shared family values.

Our Philosophy

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Our approach to Early Childhood Education is influenced by the working philosophies of Reggio Emilia, which empowers children to be capable, resilient and rich in knowledge and potential.

Our Vision is to be a leading and inspiring Early Childhood Education and Care organisation.

Our philosophy embraces a holistic approach to collaborative learning by establishing relationships between children, educators, families, community and the environment.

Ready 2 Learn acknowledges Australia is a nation of great diversity that has been cared for by indigenous Australians for many thousands of years. We have a shared responsibility to contribute to building an inclusive society to support children, families and their community.

The Children

We believe all children are knowledgeable, curious, and have a right to be respected and valued for their ideas, identity and uniqueness within a socially diverse community and culture.

The Role Of The Educator

The role of the educator is to facilitate co-learning by allowing children to explore their ideas and interests through opportunities for hypothesising, investigation and discovery. Through team collaboration, reflective practice and professional development educators will continue to challenge their knowledge and understanding.

The educators advocate for the wellbeing and the rights of the child and believe their voices should be upheld and acknowledged.

Our team of Educators hold high expectations to learning and the development of all children, recognising that every child has an individual learning path and will progress in different and equally meaningful ways.

Educators will implement equitable opportunities and additional support if barriers to success are identified.

Families And Communities

 We acknowledge that family and community involvement is intrinsic to the child’s learning. We value reciprocal relationships with the families and the community to enhance their foundation for learning.

Learning Environment

 The supportive and enriching environment acts as a third teacher, and is based on the principles of respect and responsibility. The learning environment is recognised for its potential to inspire children, and serves as an invitation to enter and participate. The learning space is considered for its purpose to encourage collaboration, communication, exploration and discovery. The space respects children by providing them with authentic materials and tools which promotes open ended learning and supports sustainable practices.

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stars 2 Very friendly atmosphere, my son has been attending this daycare for the past 2 years and he loves going to the daycare every day. Educators are very helpful and friendly!

Bhavisha Preetesh Vekaria